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13 Food Photography Tips For Beginners
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13 Food Photography Tips For Beginners

What is Food Photography? Remember, how you go through the pages of a magazine and see some meals and salivate? Yes, that meal you salivated to, was a well created and arranged meal used for […]

White Bellied Sea Eagle
Bird Photography

9 Amazing Bird Photography Tips For Beginners

I really love taking photos of nature, especially birds. It is the reason that I started photography. I love the variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and behavior. Add the fact that you can usually find […]

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What Is The Best Sling Bag

What Is The Best Sling Bag In 2018?

While bags are often categorized between men and women, some of them cut across both sexes. A sling bag is popular for so many reasons. First, it is an on-the-go kind of bag where you […]

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Best Camera For Birding In 2018

Because of the speed, birds have when flying; you would need a camera that can capture images at high speed and still gets all the details of the bird. That being said, it would interest […]