What Is The Best 3 Person Tent In 2018?

If you want to go camping with your spouse or a buddy, a simple solo-camper might appear suitable. However, you need to start thinking about going to one person more when it comes to tents. That is why you should look out for the best 3-person tent on the market. Besides, you could actually be going on a camping trip for your small family, and you’ll need something a little bigger than a solo tent.

Even if you’d have extra space, you might want to accommodate one more person. The extra space can also be used to store your packs and gears, and will also conveniently hold large-sized individuals. You can stretch and move freely in a 3-person tent, far better than you would in smaller tents.

Before you make your next purchase, you should read my review of the best three person tent on the market.

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Coleman Sundome 3-Person Dome Tent Check Prices
ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3-Person TentCheck Prices
Winterial 3 Person TentCheck Prices
SEMOO Large Door, 3-Person TentCheck Prices
REDCAMP 2-3 Person Instant TentsCheck Prices

How to Choose the Best 3 Person Backpacking Tent


What Is The Best 3 Person Tent

Choosing the right 3 person tent goes beyond liking what you see. It is important to assess the features of the tent you intend to buy and see if it fits your unique needs and preference. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a tent;

Tent Capacity

You probably already know that what you need is a tent to hold 3 or more people. However, some 3-person tents are larger than others and can hold more people. It is therefore important that you look out for the tent’s dimensions. My advice is that you go for a tent that can take an extra person, just in case you have pets or items to store.

Also, you should consider the number and type of people you’re camping with; whether they turn around and toss while they sleep or whether they’re claustrophobic or not. This should all help you decide what you should pick.

Tent Seasonality

Another important factor to consider is what seasons the tent is built for. It is best to go for 3 seasons and above tents that can withstand spring, summer, and fall, which are the relatively temperate climatic conditions. These tents offer great protection from unfavorable weather conditions, even with their mesh covers that give enough airflow. With a 3-season tent, you will be protected from bugs, have sufficient privacy and be shielded from rain and light snow.

Height of Tent

Do you want to be able to stand erect in your tent? Perhaps, you’d want to be able to change your clothes and do other things on your feet. You should go for a high tent then. Look out for a cabin-style tent if that is what you want. They offer near-vertical walls that also ensures great peak height and sufficient livable space. On the other hand, if your focus is more on resistance to wind and storms, a dome-style tent is what you need. They stand tall only in the middle with sloppy walls, thereby reducing livable space.

Floor Length

You would also require much space when you sleep, especially if you’re tall. If you’re 6 feet and beyond, I advise you get a tent with a floor length of about 90 inches. This will ensure more comfort for you and others in the tent as you don’t need to fold too much for the sake of space. Also, it will ensure that you don’t go hitting the sides of the tent and cause some damage to the walls.


My utmost advice is that you look out for a tent that comes with a Rainfly. This is an extra waterproof cover that you can place over your tent whenever you know it’s going to rain or when you expect some dew and light snow. Backpackers certainly do not want their adventure ruined by rainfall. That is why they always purchase tents that are waterproof. You can either use a roof-cover rain fly or a full-cover rain fly depending on your preference. Some other campers simply use it to enhance the warmth of their tent.

Advanced Features

Other extra features you should consider include;

Ventilation: Some 3-person tents are built with mesh panels on the roof, doors, and windows. This ensures that air can easily be exchanged, allowing for cross ventilation, especially in humid climates.

Pockets and Loops: Internal pockets also come very handy to store your gears in the tent and protect them from harsh weather. Loops, on the other hand, can be placed at the top center of the tent to hang your lantern.

Gear Loft: This is way larger than internal pockets and helps you store larger items and gears in the tent. This ensures you don’t have gears littered around and taking up space.

Footprint: A footprint is like a foot mat, except that it is kept under the tent floor to reduce the effect of rocks, dirt, and twigs which lie around on the ground.


The weight of the tent should never be ignored. It will determine how easy it is to move the tent around. A lightweight tent will usually have fewer gears and lesser space. On the other hand, a heavier tent will be more difficult to move around, and would normally weigh heavier than 9 pounds.

5 Best Three Man Tent Reviews

I have assessed the best products on the market and put together these 5 products for you;

1. Coleman Sundome 3-Person Dome Tent

With this product and many more, Coleman emphasizes that they’re not just a market leader in airbeds, but have a strong global stake in the tent market too. This Sundown 3-Person Tent is a masterpiece to behold and contains most of the amazing features that you desire in a tent.

It can conveniently sleep 3 campers without hassles and still provide space for your camping packs. This makes it suitable for your spouse and a kid.

The roof is characterized by mesh vents, providing great ventilation within the tent. The bathtub style floor is made of 1000D rugged polyethylene to protect you against harsh weather and avoid leaks. The fabrics used for this tent are very durable, armed with tough poles for stability.

The freestanding design makes it very easy to set up and fold up without any stress. It has a large door for easy entry and exits, coupled with window and roof vents for ventilation.

The tent also has an electrical access port for an AC power connection into the tent. A flashlight loop hangs from the ceiling and there are carry sacks and stakes attached to the interior. I personally rate this product 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The package includes a carry bagDoes not hold in heat due to its airiness
It is very easy to set up and fold up, all within 10 minutes
It is spacious enough for 3 people to move around easily
Rainfly provides protection against rainfall, dew, and light snow
Has a 1-year limited warranty
Designed to allow for sufficient ventilation


2. ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3-Person Tent

ALPS has existed for more than 2 decades, providing great outdoor products to users across the world. If you’re looking for the right family tent with an amazing headroom, this is probably just the right choice for you. This offers great confidence as you don’t need to run into each other or crawl over one another the next time you need to take a leak. The walls are truly vertical, giving a middle height of 50 inches, just enough to stand slightly and do stuff.

And if your fear is getting wet when it rains, do not worry as the ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3 Tent has been fortified to keep the rains out. The factory-sealed seams and a 75D 185T polyester fly strengthened with 1,500mm coating, combine with 75D 185T poly taffeta floor to keep you dry all day long. The 7000 series aluminum is what makes up the poles, providing great stability and rock solid firmness on every side.

Great headroom for increased freedomWithout sealant, might leak from the edges if it rains too heavily for too long
Beautiful design and eye-catching
Sturdy poles and fabrics for durability and weather protection
Amazing features make it very easy to set up
Storage pockets and gear loft help you store your valuables safely
Mesh covering provides a great view of the day


3. Winterial 3 Person Tent

This is yet another amazing inclusion in my review of best 3-person tents. It is a freestanding 3-season tent that you can take for any outdoor adventure you desire, whether it’s hiking, camping, or backpacking. It can also be used in the 3 major seasons all year round, except for when winter gets really tough. The tent is made of nylon, has a waterproof bottom, and is large enough to fit an air mattress.

This lightweight tent weighs just around 4.4lbs and can easily be carried around for whatever reason. Its two-layer door is an added protective shield against rain and strong winds. 3 average-sized adults won’t have a problem sleeping in this one, with open dimensions of 82 x 64 x 46 inches. You can now step out in style and explore the great wonders of nature, knowing that Winterial has got you covered.

Has a large and comfortable carry bagDoesn't include a footprint for basal protection
Extremely lightweight for way storage and transport
Easy setup and pack up save you lot of time and stress
Aluminum tipped poles for enhanced steadiness and durability
Waterproof fabric and bottom for interior dryness
Great interior space to easily hold 3 people


4. SEMOO Large Door, 3-Person Tent

This is perhaps one of the most budget-friendly tents of its quality on the market. Constructed of durable steel and polyester to provide great protection for you and yours. Whether it’s a family camping experience or just a weekend away with your spouse, this gear makes things much more easy for you. The mosquito netting mesh on every side does well to allow sufficient ventilation in and is sure to keep the bugs and mosquitoes out. The interior dimensions at 82.7″L x 82.7″W x 51.2″H is evidence of its sufficient space for you and your guests.

The fly frame is also very tough to provide the needed protection during harsh weather conditions. It is designed with inner pockets and clips to keep some of your little items. This is definitely a great item for any family who likes to spend time outdoors. And when you’re done, you can easily fold it in minutes and put in the carry bag to aid ease of transport and storage.

The tent is lightweight and easy to carry aroundWith 3 average-sized adults inside, there’d no space left for anything else
Protects against rain and other harsh weather conditionsDifficult to stand erect inside the tent
Door and mesh windows allow for ventilation
The tent is very easy to set up
Sturdy and can hold up well during downpours


5. REDCAMP 2-3 Person Instant Tents

This dual-function camping tent makes a gallant entry into my list of best 3-person tents on the market. It can serve as a complete camping tent with extra shield and a simple sun shelter. Whatever your need is on that amazing outdoor adventure, REDCAMP promises to be there for you. It is a great outdoor haven for lovers and families and can serve you for 3 seasons all year round. The insect repellent, breathable, polyester, ripstop fabric is UV-resistant and sunproof.

With an outer canopy dimension of 90 x 83 x 55 inches, 4 people can conveniently sit in and relax. The inner tent has dimensions of 79 x 71 x 45 inches. This is one gear you don’t want to go camping without. Great for its price.

Has a 100% Money-back guarantyQuite heavy due to dual components
Performs two amazing outdoor functionsWill not withstand to heavy rain for too long
Fully-taped seams and rainfly combine to protect from moderate rain up to 24 hours
Breathable fabric for enhanced ventilation
Very easy to set up


Our Verdict

You cannot have a perfect outdoor adventure, whether backpacking or camping, without a perfect tent. This review has put together 5 of the best 3 man tent on the market. These tents provide just the right space for 3 people with additional space for your packs and gears. Depending on your need and preference, you can purchase any of them and continue to enjoy amazing outdoor moments every time.

For this review, the Coleman Sundome 3-Person Dome Tent takes the top spot. It provides everything you need and more for a perfect day out with your lover or your cute little family.

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