Best Business Travel Backpack In 2018

Backpacks can make any trip easier and way less inconveniencing than a trip could ordinarily be. And when it is a business trip, a backpack will definitely be the best buddy to help keep you and your stuff organized.

Of course one of the things you need most on a business trip is organization and the perfect organization tool can just make this a walkover. And this is where backpacks step in; to help ensure that you have a smoother, easier trip. If you are planning a business trip and are wondering just which bag to take on this trip, then you should go on and read this article.

This article will review five of the best backpacks you can use for your business travel. Here are the five best business travel backpacks which this article will review:

Our Rating
HIKPRO 20L Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Click To Check Price
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking BackpackClick To Check Price
G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel BackpackClick To Check Price
OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50LClick To Check Price
Mountaintop 40 Litre Hiking BackpackClick To Check Price

Advantages of a Having The Best Business Backpack

Best Business Travel Backpack


1. Travel backpacks will help you keep your things organized as they usually come with compartments designed to accommodate your stuff. You can keep your phone(s), tablet and a number of other things conveniently stored in your backpack.

2. A backpack can protect your stuff from damage in unfavorable weather conditions especially as many of them are designed to be waterproof.

3. Most backpacks come with two straps and are therefore comfortable to carry. Since they are designed with two straps, the weight of the bag can be evenly distributed between both your shoulders rather than one shoulder and letting it bear all the burden.

4. A backpack is easy to handle since you can just carry it on your back and go about. Backpacks are easier to manage than a suitcase, for example, which will put you through the trouble of having to pull and even struggle if you have to go through a crowd.

What to Consider When Choosing The Best Business Travel Backpack

Picking the right backpack is the most important thing to do when planning a business travel. You certainly do not want to pick a bag that will leave you regretting and won’t serve the purpose you got it for. This section will help you to avoid making the mistake of picking the wrong backpack.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when picking a backpack for your trip:

1. Look out for the material with which the bag is made. See that the bag which you pick is made of a strong and durable material that will not easily get ripped. You certainly don’t want a bag that will get ripped in the middle of the journey an most likely leave you stranded.

2. Make sure that it is a bag that can protect your things in adverse weather conditions. This will also mean that you need to pay attention to the manufacturing material. Bags made of nylon are a good choice here as they have the capacity to keep your stuff safe in rainy weather conditions.

3. It is important to get a bag with a front loader so that you can have easy access to the things you want and pick them out without having to struggle.

4. To ensure that your bag can conveniently accommodate all your stuff, you might want to pick a bag that comes with multiple compartments. This way, you can be sure that your things will be kept organized in different sections of the bag.

5. Get a backpack that comes with zippers you can lock so as to keep your stuff protected and safe.

6. Look out for a bag with padded shoulder straps so that you can comfortably carry the bag without having to endure any sores.

7. Also look for a bag which comes with a padded back so that even your back is protected from any pains that could otherwise result from carrying the bag.

8. You might also want to pick a bag that comes with wheels so that you can comfortably alternate between carrying it at your back and rolling it. This will especially be necessary if you intend to carry this bag around a lot.

Reviews of the Five Best Business Travel Backpacks


1. HIKPRO 20L Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

This is a very lightweight backpack that comes with just the amount of space you need to accommodate your stuff. It comes with three zippered compartments, an inner zippered pocket, a main pocket designed for you to keep bigger items, a small pocket on the outer part and two big side pockets with mesh.

You will also love that it is designed to resist tear as well as it does water. And you can easily fold this bag into a small, storable size.

It is light
It is easy to store
It comes with enough space for your things
It is organized
It is durable
It is resistant to water and tear

2. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack

This is an easily foldable lightweight backpack and great for outdoor activities like hiking if you choose to have some fun on your business trip. This bag is also designed to resist wear and tear as well strength to enable it to last for long. It is made with a double layered bottom so as to enable it to comfortably carry more stuff as you travel. It also comes with zippers on both sides so you can place them at any end you want. The shoulder straps are designed with breathable mesh and sufficient padding to help make sure that your shoulders are not over-stressed. And there is a chest strap designed with a whistle buckle so you can lock the bag securely in place as you carry the bag on your back. This bag also comes with enough compartments to comfortably accommodate all your stuff.

It comes with sufficient spaceIt cannot serve as a laptop bag
The shoulder straps are padded for comfort
It is lightweight
It is durable
It is resistant to wear
It comes with a whistle you can use if you are in danger
It is resistant to tear

3. G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack

This one is lightweight, foldable and also perfect if you choose to have a fun day of recreation on your trip. It comes with padded straps to ensure comfort as well as chest clips which let you lock the backpack more securely to your body.

Additionally, this chest lip is also a whistle you can blow if/when you are in danger. There is also a double-sided pouch at the top which enables you to store smaller items in a more organized manner and so you can have easy access to the items. Also, there is an exterior pouch at the top which you can use as well to quickly access your things.

And then there is a lock included to keep your things safe. This bag is also double lined at the bottom to ensure that it can last very long for you. Apart from all these, you can easily fold this bag and store it when it is not in use. This bag made of nylon fabric is a large, light, durable and roomy bag that will comfortably keep your stuff organized on your trip.

It is large and roomyIt may be too big for some people
It is easy to fold and store
It is resistant to water
It lets you easily access your things
It is durable
It is suitable for both men and women
It is designed with a security consciousness

4. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L

This one is designed with a rain cover to protect it and your stuff in rainy weathers. Made of very high-quality nylon material, it is also a very roomy bag with sufficient pockets to contain your stuff. It includes a padded compartment where you can put your laptop as you travel and it is also lightweight. In addition, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which is also padded to ensure your comfort as well as designed with mesh ventilation. Here is a very comfortable, durable and roomy backpack that can serve you just perfect on that business trip.

It is lightweightIt does not come with an internal frame
It comes with enough room for you stuff
It includes a compartment where you can keep your laptop
The shoulder straps are padded to ensure comfort
It is durable

5. Mountaintop 40 Litre Hiking Backpack

Here is another backpack designed with a rain cover to protect it a well as your stuff. This one comes with a front pocket which also has a system for bearing a mesh pouch. There are also 6 adjustable straps which you can use to tie up your backpack. There is also a computer compartment big enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop. It also features a breathable molded foam back panel for comfort and a perfect fit.

It comes with a rain coverWhile it has sufficient space to contain quite a good number of items, it is not an extra large bag and so may not contain very bulky things.
It comes with adjustable straps to let you tie it up
There is a compartment designed for your laptop
It is comfortable to carry


Getting the right travel backpack is one huge step to making your journey as successful and smooth as can be. You certainly do not want in a state of disorganization on your business trip. And, as already mentioned, this is the most reason why you need a travel backpack and not just anyone but the right one.

The list above perfectly does it for you. Those are among the best backpacks on the market for you to use on a business trip. While every single one of them is perfect and would be a great choice, we most highly recommend the HIKPRO 20L Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack which has the top position as well as the highest rating on this list. In any case, however, you can be sure that whichever one you pick from the above-listed bags would be a perfect choice.

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