The Best Messenger Bags for Men In 2018

Nearly every guy should be familiar with messenger bags by now as it has become one of the most popular things to carry around on your daily trips. This is plus the fact that it is a very great asset to help carry simple daily items; computers, phones, files and other accessories and thus, is the perfect choice for daily commuting.

Messenger bags made from a variety of materials come today, in various shapes, sizes and even designs leaving you with a lot of choices to pick from. Now, if you have been looking to get a messenger bag for your daily trips, here’s an article to help you make a perfect choice.

This article will review the following five best messenger bags for men:

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What is a Messenger Bag?

Best Messenger Bags for Men

It is simply a kind of bag which is usually designed with a long strap and is typically worn across the shoulder. Originally, these bags were designed for the purpose of carrying postal messages.

 Types Of Messenger Bags

1. The Satchel

This one looks a lot like a briefcase because it is designed with 2 vertical straps which enable the closing of the bag. The satchel comes in a variety of styles and sizes and designs.

2. The Briefcase

This kind is characteristically made of leather and has a schoolboy kind of design. It would usually feature a flap that falls to the front, buckle straps for closing the bag and sometimes, front pockets.

3. The Vertical Messenger Bag

The vertical bag is just as the name implies; vertical. The vertical design of this bag is basically what sets it apart from other messenger bags. They are also made of a variety of materials.

4. The Camera Bag

This messenger bag is designed especially to house a camera and the various transfer cables as well as chargers that so many DSLR cameras today come with. Those include batteries, lenses, flashlights etc. So if you have a camera, this just might be your perfect choice. Oh, and you do not need to be a photographer to get this.

5. The Saddle Bag

These ones are designed with rounded frontal flaps which were originally included to make them easier to be worn by horse riders. Now, however, you do not exactly need to be a horse rider to use the Saddle. You just need to think it’s cool.

6. The Military Messenger Bag

The bags in this category are designed to be rugged as well as versatile. Usually, they are made of canvas. They are, however, also sometimes made of leather. They are designed with a lot of pockets both inside and outside and come in khaki or camo green. You can especially trust the durability of the military messenger bag.

7. The Multi-Pocket Organizer

As the name implies, this one comes with multiple pockets. And there are enough of them to keep your belongings comfortably. This one is a practical bag than you can carry on trips that need you to certainly keep your hands free.

What to Consider Before Picking a Messenger Bag

1. The Load You Carry

This definitely is the most important thing you need to pay attention to since this is the reason for purchasing the bag in the first place. You are definitely going to need to pick a bag that suits the things you will be carrying in them which brings us to the next two things you need to consider.

2. The Size of the Bag

If you have a lot of load or things which have quite a large size to carry in your messenger bag, then you might want to pick a bag that has a reasonably large size. Since messenger bags come in a variety of sizes, it should be quite easy for you to pick one that suits you fine.

3. The Manufacturing Material

Here is something else you should be looking out for before picking a messenger bag. Messenger bags are made of a lot of different materials from leather to canvas to nylon for you to choose from.

Bear in mind that leather bags are usually the most durable that can serve you for a very long time. Bags made of canvas, on the other hand, are light and versatile while messenger bags made of nylon can serve you especially in unfavorable weather conditions like when it is raining. You only need to choose which one works for you.

What Makes Messenger Bags a Great Choice?

1. It is a lot easier to find your things in a messenger bag. The many compartments which this bag comes with make it easy to keep your things which in turn makes it easy for you to find those things when you need them. This is definitely way better than having to search frantically for your items in a less organized bag.

2. It provides a more professional look than most other bags can give. This is especially great for you if you need your messenger bag to take to work. You can comfortably carry things like your computer and other accessories you may need at work without losing the professional look you want to have.

You need to bear in mind, however, that a messenger bag can have such downsides as making your shoulder go sore since that is where you will be carrying it.

Reviews of the Five Best Messenger Bags for Men

1. Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag

This is a vintage style bag that will give you just what you need for a perfect trip day. This bag is made of long-lasting hardware that ensures that you can easily use it and with a lot of comforts.

It also features a lot of buckles with button closures to ensure that the bag keeps looking good in spite of the number of buttons. This bag also comes with a lot of pockets to keep your stuff.

It is a very versatile bag that allows for a variety of organization stylesIt does not have enough space to contain large sized computers, for example
It has sufficient room to contain a lot of things
It is very stylish
It is designed with durable material
You can easily change the strap from right to left and back


2. Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

This one is a messenger bag made of polyester and designed such that you can attach your roller bag. With this, you can also easily pass through security without needing to remove your devices. This will also provide you with quick and perfect secure closure with its aluminum hooks which are designed with webbing loops and elastic.

There is also an external pocket that you can easily access even by just stretching your hand back a bit. What’s more? This bag is weatherproof and will serve you right in any weather.

It is quite really easy to use
You can attach a roller bag to it
It is designed to allow you pass through security without going through the trouble of bringing out your devices
It provides you with secure closure
It comes with a lot of compartments to provide room for your stuff
It is also designed to be weather proof


3. Qipi Messenger Bag

Here is a really roomy messenger bag made of nylon that will help you to keep your stuff decently organized. It is also made of very good quality hardware that will last very long for you. This one comes with a rubber handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. This shoulder strap is also padded to ensure that you have maximum comfort.

There is also a padded laptop compartment to keep your personal computer safe. If you are looking for a comfortable and durable messenger bag that will also provide enough room for your stuff, you might want to choose Qipi.

It is roomy and offers sufficient space to keep your stuffIt might seem too bulky for some people
It is designed to ensure your comfort
It is durable
It is suitable for rainy weathers



4. ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag

This canvas bag is another really great messenger bag designed to serve you well on your daily trips. It is made such that you can keep your stuff systematically organized in it. It is also made very durable and comes with nine pockets to contain your things.

Also, the shoulder strap buckle it comes is adjustable so you set it as it suits you. Whether you are traveling, going to work or even going to school, this canvas bag can be a really great choice.

It is durableIt does not permit washing with either or both of hot water and alkaline detergent
It will keep your things very organized
You can adjust the shoulder strap buckle to suit your needs


5. Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger

This one is made of natural cotton canvas which makes it safe for the environment. It also includes an ID holder as well as a lot of interior pockets for you to keep your stuff. There is also a padded compartment for your computer as well as room for smaller things like your phone(s) and pens. Here is another messenger bag that will serve you just right.

It is friendly with the environment
It provides an ID holder
It provides a safe space for your computer




Messenger bags are one of the best ways to easily and comfortably carry your stuff around on your daily trips. The above is a list of five of the best messenger bags you can find on the market.

Whichever one you pick should serve you just well but we highly recommend the first one on the list which comes a number of nice features as well as versatility. However, just pick which one works for you and have fun with your messenger bags.

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