Best Tripod For Landscape Photography In 2018

Pictures is a representation of what the person in the picture and the one taking it is feeling. Taking a blurry picture doesn’t convey that feeling that is why tripod helps to stabilize the motion for you to get the best shot possible.

Choosing the good tripod stands is a necessity as a photographer, whether you’re using your iPhones, mobile devices or an actual camera. Plus it enhances the picture quality. These are just a few recommendations you might like.

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How To Choose A Good Tripod


Best Tripod For Landscape Photography

Getting a tripod that works for you can be a little bit difficult, but if you already have an idea of what you want, then getting a good tripod shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you do not have any idea of the kinds of the tripod to get, it might be a good idea to have this important features at the back of your mind.

1. Before you buy a tripod, you have to know what for and how you want to use the tripod. Ask yourself “why am I getting a tripod”? Is it to increase the photo sharpness or are you looking for something to rest the heavy camera? There are other reasons to get a tripod stand, but if you can answer the first question, then you move on to the next issue, which is the height of the tripod.

2. You should consider the height of the tripod; yes you may be able to regulate the height, but even when you have increased its length, is it still tall enough? Consider this factor.

3. Also look at the body component of the tripod stand. You don’t have to worry about the legs; there are either aluminum, carbon fiber, basalt or just plain old’ steels

4. Getting a head that can rotate or move up and down like the pan-tilt head or ball head. The head is what holds the lens or the camera.

5. The center column that runs in the middle of a tripod stand also comes in handy. You can raise the column higher than the legs for a better capture.

6. Get feet that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Always have these features in mind when you want to get a good tripod, because aside from the steadiness the tripod gives, it also has other pertinent functions you will get to know about.


Advantages Of Using Tripods

Getting a tripod is a great asset for photographers and picture lovers alike. The benefits of the tripod stands are numerous and affect the overall quality of the picture.

1. Using a tripod stabilizes the picture. It’s no secret that we all have shaky hands that could make our photos blurry, and you may not appreciate the photo, you won’t feel the inspiration behind it. Plus you can take nighttime like meteor showers, the constellations, moon, and all the beautiful things that come with the night.

2. You can rest heavy cameras on the tripod to rest your shoulders, especially if you’re planning on being stationary the whole time.

3. By placing the camera on the tripod, you can reduce the ISO of the camera, which improves the quality of the picture.

4. With tripods, you can take angles and corners you normally would not be able to take.

5. With a tripod, you can put your camera on self-time and be part of a group portrait

6. You can take close up shots of objects you hitherto could not take close up shots of; like insects and sensitive flowers.


How To Differentiate The Different Kinds Of tripods

  • One of the features of some tripod is the rubber feet. These feet are both and bad. Good, that it reduces friction, bad that the feet may become loose after a while an of usage. Metal feet do not post this problem.
  • The load that a tripod can carry says a lot about its durability level. If it is a tripod stand for phones, you may not want something so heavy, but if your tripod stand is for camera use, then get something that can carry the weight of your camera.
  • The locking feature, that locks the camera or phone to the tripod stands differ in all tripods; some have weather sealing, others don’t.
  • A tripod with a lightweight feature comes in handy when you want to move around taking shots. Some tripod is lightweight carbon fiber tripods; steel tripod are heavier, you should consider that.


What Is The Best Way To Use Tripods For Landscape Photography?

When you want to use a tripod, ensure the ground or surface area is smooth enough for the tripod to stand.

Getting a smooth surface at home, on the street, in the studio is easy, but for those junkie adventurists who to want to take it to the wild, or mountain climbers, it may be difficult to find a smooth surface, but something close to smooth will do.


Issues About Tripods

There are some issues as to the use of this product (the tripod).

For one, it is time-consuming. Some people have complained that, before you can use the tripod, you have to find a suitable position, and even when you do, you then begin to set up, which takes up a lot of time.

Tripod is also too large, to carry around; and because it is large, it becomes heavy.

Again, tripods are very expensive to get; sometimes when you consider the price, you begin to question if getting the tripod is worth it.


Best Tripod For Landscape Photography Reviews


1. BONFOTO Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Camera Travel Portable Tripod

The BONFOTO B690A portable tripod is another big boy toy for professional photographers. It is something you can use anytime, anywhere, and it gives you the results you want.

The central axis is inverted, which helps you to precisely capture macro shots like insects, grass, flowers and stuff like that.

A quick-release plate that is removable, together with a 1/4” screw, which is suitable for DLSR cameras (most of them, not all).

It has Universal ballhead; designs with a 360° dial, that allow you to easily adjust the angle quickly and freely. The 360° dial of the ball head gives you a good panning scale; this scale gives you the liberty to take the tripod for a spin, literally.

You can adjust each leg with the angle adjustment lock. The column leg has four sections. With the combined effect of the double center column, you not only have stability but you can reach your desired height when you start shooting.

It is also lightweight, and you can use it conveniently and easily. Setting up this tripod is fast and easy, and you can easily place the camera on the tripod.

360° turnThe double center column makes it extra heavy
4-section columns
Easy to set up
Leg locks are easy to unlock
Double center column for added stability


2. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This tripod has a weight limit of 6.6 pounds, making it a very good tripod to use. You can easily set up the tripod; it doesn’t take up so much time in setting up.

There is a bag included in the sale that aids for storage and transportation of your snaps, lens and other small camera tools. You can raise the tripod legs of 20-inches to as high as 48-inches if you want to get some impossible shots. The leg lock is released smoothly, gliding conveniently to your preferred length.

However, if you feel 48 inches is not tall enough, then you can raise the center column to as high as 60 inches. A Quick-release mountable plate that makes the setup of the camera on the tripod very easy. You can use a still, video, or digital camera with this tripod.

It is lightweightRubber feet become loose over time.
Has two built-in levels
Easy leg lock release



3. Albott 64 Inch Travel Tripod

You can position and precisely align the camera with the Tilt Head and 3-Way Pan. The hook in the Center Column is an added accessory that adds weight for extra stability. You can find this hook at the bottom of the center column.

The flip-lock feature gives extra security to the telescoping legs of the tripod; it is connected to the center brace for more stability.
A center column with a geared elevator that aids easy and quick adjustment of the tripod height.

With a Quick-Release Plate and a 1/4″-20 Screw Mount, you can easily adjust and rotate the camera to any angle, as well as align the camera with the head on the tripod.

A rubber foot that is sure-grip gives the tripod a maximum traction level on any kind of surface.

A tilt head that making it catch acute anglesRubber feet may get loose over time
Rubber feet aids maximum tractionThe center column makes it heavier
Quick release flip lock
Center-column enhances stability



4. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

The 50-inch lightweight tripod is yet another amazing tripod. With it, you can capture professional and vivid photographs. You can adjust the height to suit your positioning, and to ensure stability when you’re trying to get a perfect angle.

As novices in the photographer’s profession, you too can use this photography accessory. It is a tripod that a digital, still or video camera can work with.

The tripod is aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. Plus it is lightweight and all doesn’t make it so much of a problem. The 3-section lever lock of the legs makes the height adjustment easy.

The zippered bag this tripod comes with help with storage and transportation of small tools for the camera.

Zippered bag as part of the accessoryRubber feet susceptible to loosening
A 50-inch extensionCannot go higher than 50 inches
Lightweight tripod, for easy carriage
A 3-section easy adjustment of the lever-lock legs



5. Pedco UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod

Are you looking for a small tripod that you can fit in your backpack and take anywhere with you? Then you’re in luck; the ultrapod, gives you exactly what you need. It is small and convenient, and you can carry it around, plus you can use it anywhere too.

Yes it has three legs, and yes it can truly fit in your backpack, but I have to tell you this; for small cameras only. You can strap you ultrapod to a rail, fence, tree, on anything really, all thanks to it’s strap

The tripod is designed for small cameras, like a webcam, digital camera or small cameras like that. The ultrapod Pedco is a lightweight, compact tripod stand designed for a ‘go-anywhere’ convenience

It has to be used with a small camera or optical device, that has a tripod socket. The tripod weighs two ounces, with a four inches fold, making it able to fit into small bags and packs

It also has a molded fiberglass with reinforced nylon and some components of the aluminum thread, making it lightweight.

The three foldout legs, the tripod is guaranteed with a high level of stability. Its head has a ball socket design meaning you can catch any angle at any position. It is a durable tripod stand, designed to last for years.

There is a lifetime warranty of the tripod, against the manufacturers defect.

Portable and LightweightCannot carry big cameras
Lifetime warranty
Can strap to anything strappable
Ball socket that can rotate to any angle




After looking at the various tripods, there is no doubt that the BONFOTO Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Camera Travel Portable Tripod has the most amazing qualities.

Not only is it lightweight, but the double center column also gives it all the support and stability it needs and has. It is easy to set up, plus it has a ball head, making you able to get some angles you may not be able to get normally.

The feet of this tripod is durable and can last long, plus its traction on the ground secures it from unwanted bumps while standing.

What’s even more spectacular about this tripod is that, although the tripod is for professional use, novices too can easily learn how to use the tripod.

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