Best Waterproof Backpack and Bags For Laptops In 2018

In today’s world, laptops are one of the most common things to have. Of course, nearly everybody works with a computer and having a mobile one to move around with is certainly a way easier way to own a computer.

Now, it is one thing to own a laptop, and it is another thing to keep it safe. This is where laptop bags come in. Since you are most likely going be carrying your laptop around a bulk of the time, you will definitely be needing a bag to keep it in. And of course, a good one too.

We are, therefore, going to help you in this article to decide which laptop bag is the best for you. This article will review 5 of the best waterproof laptop bags for you to choose from.

Here are the 5 Best Waterproof Backpack and Bags For Laptop to be reviewed:

Our Rating
Top Super Slim Laptop Backpack Click To Check Price
Ytonet Laptop BriefcaseClick To Check Price
Ytonet 17-inch Laptop BagClick To Check Price
Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop BackpackClick To Check Price
Taygeer Laptop Bag 15.6-inch Water Resistant BriefcaseClick To Check Price

What is the Advantage of Using The Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack and Bags

Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack and Bags

Generally, a laptop bag of very good quality is one of the best treats you can give your computer, and yourself too. Having a bag to keep your computer it will save you the trouble that comes with having to carry it bare. In fact, it’s not even going to look cool to carry your computer around in your hands, without a bag.

Having a bag for your laptop will also largely save the computer from the risk of falling and breaking or maybe even getting a scratch. And if someone unknowingly sits in the bag with the laptop in it, you can be sure that it is not at the high risk of cracking. This would most likely not be the case if the computer is bare.

And then waterproof laptop bags will especially keep your laptop safe in unfavorable weather conditions. Whether it be the rain or the heat or the snow, a waterproof laptop bag is your best bet to keep your laptop safe from getting soaked. And it will protect all sorts of moisture (even apart from the rain) from getting to your laptop.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Laptop Backpack or Bag?

There are a few things you need to put into consideration before settling on which bag to buy for your laptop. This is because apart from just getting a bag, you need to ensure that which one you get will serve you well and will of course, last for a considerable period of time. So here are some of the things you should you should look out for when choosing which bag to buy for your laptop:

1. Size

This will largely depend on the size of your computer. When picking a bag, you should ensure to pick one that can comfortably accommodate your computer. You certainly do not want to spend some minutes of your time struggling to shove your laptop into the bag.

Some laptop bags will specify the size of laptop they are made for so this should not be too much trouble. And when they don’t, just check practically that your laptop fits.

2. Space

This sounds a little like size but it’s quite different. Apart from just having a bag that fits your computer, you might also need to get a bag that has space for a few other things like your notebook, batteries, cords, mouse, and USBs.

Of course, you may want to carry a few more things along with you so pick a bag that gives you the extra space.

3. Manufacturing Material

This is also very important as it mostly decides how long the bag can last for you. Ensure that the material the bag is made with is good and durable. Also, ensure that it is made with good quality zips and that there is the extra padding to protect the computer as well as protect you from bodily pains.

And very importantly, you should see to it that the bag includes a waterproof material to protect your computer from getting soaked in any liquid.

4. Straps

It is great to have a laptop bag that comes with straps you can adjust to fit your height. You will also want these straps to be padded enough to make sure that you can carry this bag comfortably without getting sore.

5. Your personal taste

Of course, this has to be important too. If you want to look casual when carrying your laptop bag then you should definitely go for one that provides the look and if you want to look professional then you do the same. Either way, what suits your taste is what you pick.

Reviews of the 5 Best Waterproof Backpack and Bags

1. Top Super Slim Laptop Backpack

This bag designed with a professional look is great for school and work and can keep a laptop of about 15.6 inches. This bag is made of a nylon fabric which you must already know is a water-resistant material. It is also tear–resistant.

This bag comes with a number of compartments to keep your other things and is also soft and well padded at the sleeve and so will ensure that your shoulders do not get sore as you carry it.

This bag also comes with very high-quality zippers as well as even side pockets that can hold your water bottle and your umbrella. Its straps are also designed to be adjustable so that you reduce or increase them to the height you want.

It is water resistantIt does not come with a protective case
It is designed with sufficient space
It is resistant to tear
It is very good looking
It is padded for comfort
It is durable

2. Ytonet Laptop Briefcase

Ytonet is a laptop designed in the style of a briefcase. It is a big bag with quite a lot of space and will accommodate your 15.6-inch laptop and MacBook and iPad Pro and books as well as your tablet, keys, wallet, pens and other smaller accessories just fine.

It is manufactured with eco-friendly nylon fabric to resist water. The compartment designed for your laptop is padded to protect your computer from any scratch shock or bump. This one here is just what you need to provide sufficient accommodation as well as keep your computer protected.

It is large enough to accommodate your stuff
It is water resistant
It is padded to ensure the protection of your computer
It is durable

3. Ytonet 17-inch Laptop Bag

This one is a shockproof bag designed to ensure that your laptop is saved from any shock effects. It also comes with a soft fabric lining to protect the computer from damage. It is also very large and comes with 10 compartments which provide independent spaces for each of your laptops, iPhone, iPad, pens, passport, watch, charger, books, umbrella, water bottle, pens and many other accessories you might want to carry.

This bag can accommodate a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. This bag can also be converted to a duffel bag whenever the need arises.

It is shockproofIt does not come with a side bag for a water bottle
It provides independent spaces for various accessoriesThe zippers on this bag face one direction which may not be the favorite of some people
It is very roomy
It is padded to ensure the protection of your computer
The bag is expandable
It is durable
It comes with a removable strap that you can take out when you want to

4. Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

Mancro is another great laptop bag designed to protect your bag from moisture. It can accommodate a laptop of less than 17 inches. It comes with 3 main pockets, 9 smaller pockets on the inside and 2 side pockets. It provides separate spaces for your laptop, iPhone, iPad, keys, books, pen, keys, water bottle, and others. It also comes with an external USB with a built-in cable for charging.

It provides sufficient spaces for your laptop and other accessoriesIt is not a very big bag
It comes with an external USB and cable for charging
It is, of course, waterproof

5. Taygeer Laptop Bag 15.6-inch Water Resistant Briefcase

Taygeer is made of lightweight oxford nylon cloth to ensure that it is light and resists water. It comes also with lots of compartments to keep your things in. There are 2 external pouches, 2 slots for your pen, the main zipper pocket which is padded with foam and can fit your 15-inch laptop while also protecting it.

It includes a very large space for documents, a pocket for your passport, spaces for your pen, your bank, your mouse and many other things you might want to carry. Here is one roomy laptop bag that can very comfortably accommodate your 15 or 15.6-inch computer as well as other smaller things.

It is roomyIt is not a very big bag and so may not be the perfect choice for people who may want bigger bags
It is organized
It is lightweight
It is durable
It is padded to protect your computer


Laptop bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various sizes of laptops. And they are also made of a variety of materials. Some are waterproof, others are not. The above listed are waterproof laptop bags designed to ensure that your laptop is safe from wetness. And they are among the best available for purchase on the markets.

We highly recommend the Top Super Slim Laptop Backpack which is the first on our list and which has our highest rating for the great qualities it comes with. Every single bag on the list is, however, a great choice you should not regret making. Every one of them will serve you and your computer. Just look up there and pick whichever one catches your fancy.

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