What Is The Best Wheeled Backpack For Travel In 2018?

Having a backpack is one of the most essential things to think about when you are planning a trip or even a simpler outdoor activity. Backpacks can be a very great way to keep your stuff organized and make your trip a lot easier.

And when this backpack comes with wheels, it’s definitely something you are going to love. This is mostly because apart from keeping your stuff organized, it saves you from the stress of having to carry your backpack at your back all the time since you have the option to just roll the backpack when you are too tired.

Of course, you want to be able to not just own a backpack but own it comfortably. Wheeled backpacks can be a lot of help here. If you are thinking, therefore, of buying a wheeled backpack but can’t see to figure out which one to get, this article will help you out. This article will provide a review of 5 of the best backpack with wheel available on the market for you to buy.

Here are the 5 Best Wheeled Backpack For Travel that I am going to review:

Our Rating
Coofit Wheeled Backpacks Click To Check Price
JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled BackpackClick To Check Price
High Sierra Wheeled BackpackClick To Check Price
High Sierra 22" Wheeled Backpack (Graphite/Titanium/Spring)Click To Check Price
Targus Sport Rolling Backpack Click To Check Price

Why Do You Need A Wheeled Backpack?

What Is The Best Wheeled Backpack For Travel


Generally, you need a backpack for a variety of reasons which include organization, ease of carrying, comfort as well as even the protection of your stuff. But apart from having just a backpack, there are quite a number of reasons a rolling backpack is a very great choice. Here are two of the most reasons for needing a backpack with wheels:

1. The first thing you are going to love about having a rolling backpack is the versatility of it. The fact that you can have a variety of ways to carry this backpack is one great advantage to it.

2. You can let your back have some rest by having a rolling backpack. This way, you can save yourself from most of the aches and sores that could come with carrying a backpack at your back.

Bear it in mind, however, that wheeled backpacks have quite a number of disadvantages too. Here are some of them.

1. The addition of wheels can give the bag some extra weight and thereby be making it a little bit of a chore to carry it around.

2. Rolling backpacks which do not come with back straps are not usually the best for outdoor activities like just taking a simple walk.

3. If you would have to trek a lot on your trip, a wheeled backpack may not be the best choice. This is because you will most likely get tired of rolling the bag and choose to carry on your back instead. When this happens, you may have difficulties carrying it on your back because of the installation of the wheels.

What to Consider When Buying a Rolling Backpack?

What you need to consider when buying a wheeled backpack is pretty much what you need to consider when buying any other backpack since they all serve the same purpose and only have a difference with wheels.

Here are some of those things you should pay attention to;

1. Pay attention to the material from which the bag is manufactured to make sure it is a good quality material which can protect your stuff and which will not easily tear. As far as rainy weathers are concerned, you might also want to pick a bag made of nylon material.

2. Make sure that it has zippers on both sides to enable you to lock the bag and protect your stuff from theft.

3. Make sure that the bag comes with a front loader so that you can have easy access to your stuff. Bags without front loaders would usually leave you struggling to access your things.

4. Ensure that you pick a bag that comes with enough space to accommodate all your stuff and keep them organized.

5. Ensure that it is comfortable too. This is where you need to pay more attention to the fact that the backpack is a wheeled one. Pick one which comes with adjustable back straps as well as sufficient padding to ensure that the wheels do not cause you a lot of discomforts.

6. And lastly, you also want to make sure that the wheels on the bag are durable and strong and will not give way in the middle of a trip leaving you stranded.

Reviews of the 5 Best Rolling Backpack For Travel

1. Coofit Wheeled Backpacks

Coofit is a very high quality wheeled backpack made of durable nylon. This bag is waterproof and can comfortably keep your items safe from the rain. It also comes with a sturdy trolley designed for use in carrying heavy things.

Also, this large backpack comes with multiple compartments to enable you to organize your things well. Your laptop, mobile phone, notebooks, books, and other items will sit just fine in this backpack. And you will also really love that it is shock absorbent with the soft cotton included on the inside.

So you can be sure that your laptop is safe sitting in the bag. And, your computer will have its own compartment, very well padded to ensure its safety. If you are looking for the best-wheeled backpack to organize your stuff and keep them safe, this one is your best bet.

It is made of nylon and hence, waterproofIt is quite really large and so may not work for you if you want something much more portable
It is very sturdy and durable
It is organized
It is padded to provide comfort and to protect your stuff
There are enough compartments to keep your things
It is shock absorbent
It provides a special compartment for your personal computer

2. JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

This wheeled backpack made of nylon is a double purpose backpack which doubles as a computer bag and a wheeled travel pack. It comes with several compartments to help you keep your stuff well organized as well as sufficient space to accommodate the items.

It comes also with shoulder straps which are padded to provide comfort when you want to carry it on your back and which can also be neatly tucked away when you want to roll it. Here is just the large sized, a comfy backpack which you need to keep your stuff as neat as you want them.

It is designed to carry your computer as well as other thingsEven though it is made of nylon, it is not as water proof as would have been expected.
It comes with enough compartments and sufficient space to keep your stuff
The shoulder straps are padded for comfort

3. High Sierra Wheeled Backpack

This is a large backpack with many compartments to keep your stuff in. There is also a well-padded compartment designed for your personal computer. In addition, this bag is protected from abrasion with corner guards and a kick plate.

For comfort, it includes vapel mesh shoulder straps as well as vapel mesh grab handle. And the handle is a telescoping handle which you can easily hide away when you do not want it showing.

It is large and comes with enough compartments for your thingsNot every size of personal computer can get in the laptop compartment
It is padded for comfort
There is a compartment included for your personal computer
It is not too heavy

4. High Sierra 22″ Wheeled Backpack (Graphite/Titanium/Spring)

You can use this one as one of a wheeled bag, a day pack or a backpack. It is a large backpack that comes with padded back straps as well as a front day pack which you can easily remove when you want. It also comes with ergonomic handles which are also padded with vapel mesh to ensure that you are comfortable as you carry the bag. And the wheels are skate style wheels you are really going to love.

Plus, there is a telescopic handle with a very soft grip to make sure that you do not suffer discomforts or sores while holding the bag. This one is just three different bags rolled into one and you are certainly going to like what it gives you.

It is versatileIt does not come with a compartment for your laptop
It comes with an ergonomic handle
The bag is padded to ensure your comfort
It comes with sufficient space to hold your things
The front day pack it comes with is removable

5. Targus Sport Rolling Backpack

This is a stylish backpack designed also to house your personal computer. It comes with a removable sleeve that can carry a laptop of up to 15.4 inches. There is a rear protective flap which is designed to hold the shoulder straps in place as well as a padded handle which you can comfortably use.

This durable backpack also comes with just enough space to keep your things organized. This one’s a comfortable and stylish backpack that will serve you just perfect on your trips.

It is durableIt is not waterproof
It comes with an ergonomic handle
It comes with a compartment to keep your personal computer
There is enough space to keep your things organized


We already know how very important backpacks can be on any trip. Having a bag to accommodate and keep your stuff organized is a major need on every trip, and a rolling backpack, is definitely a lot of advantage.

And this is what the above named and reviewed backpacks can conveniently do for you. The above are some of the best backpacks available for you to purchase for any of your trips.

The Coofit Wheeled Backpacks which is the first on our review list is our most highly recommended backpack with its unique features and even very beautiful design. However, if you choose to pick any of the others on the list, they will do just fine. Just read our reviews and choose what suits you best.

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