Best Women’s Travel Backpack In 2018

One of the most essential things to have as a traveler is the right backpack. This is the one thing that can be your perfect companion for all your trips both long and short, pleasure and business.

Whether you are taking a walk in the park, sight-seeing or even going to attend a sports event, a backpack will definitely come in handy. And so you definitely want to make sure that the bag you pick is one that comes with just the qualities you are looking for in a backpack.

You would definitely want something that is comfortable, lightweight and that, of course, perfectly suits your style. And that’s why we are compiling this article to help you with this; making the right choice of a backpack.

This article will review five of the best women’s travel backpack. Here are the five best backpacks for women this article will review:

Our Rating
The North Face Women's Borealis Backpack Click To Check Price
ECOSUSI Women Daypack Outdoor Sling Chest BagClick To Check Price
Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable BackpackClick To Check Price
SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart BackpackClick To Check Price
Luckysmile Women Girls Casual Nylon Backpack Purse Travel Work College Shool BagClick To Check Price

Why You Need a Travel Backpack?

Best Women’s Travel Backpack

Backpacks come with quite a lot of real benefits and can, a number of times, be a good replacement for totes, suitcases, and duffels.

Here are some of them;

1. Backpacks are a very comfortable option for a trip. Usually, these bags put way less burden on you than most other bags would. Since they are backpacks, they are designed so that the weight can be evenly distributed between your two shoulders so as not to place too much weight on one part. This makes it easy to handle these for a number of hours on a trip.

2. Backpacks help you to keep your things organized on your trip since they come with many compartments to keep your stuff in. They can usually conveniently house your cell phone(s), your passports, your water bottles and a number of other things.

3. Backpacks are also very easy for you to carry around on your trip. Since you get to carry this bag on your back, it is way easier to handle than a suitcase for example. Apart from just the ease of carrying, it is easier also to maneuver if you have to deal with a crowd.

4. A backpack can also keep your items very protected from even adverse weather conditions especially if you have a bag made of material like nylon.

6. Backpacks are very easy to store away whether you are on a train or a bus or an airplane. And you can also just choose to carry it all by yourself.

What to Look Out When Looking For The Best Women’s Backpack?

To make sure that the backpack you choose is the right one, here a few things you need to pay attention to:

1. Look out for a front loader every time you want to buy a travel backpack. This would usually ensure that it is easy for you to have access to the bag and get things out of it that you want. Otherwise, you would have to struggle to access the bag from the top and pick things out of it which can be quite frustrating.

2. Look out for a backpack that can serve you well even in adverse weather conditions. This means you should pay attention to the material with which the bag is manufactured. Bags made of nylon, for example, would usually serve just well in rainy weathers.

3. You would also want to have a bag that conveniently accommodates your stuff so make sure that what you pick has sufficient room and enough compartments. Bag designed to organize your stuff is a great pick as they would usually have spaces designed especially for specific items.

4. If you would want to lock your bag, look out for a bag that comes with 2 zippers on either side so that you can easily put the lock on it.

5. Make sure that the shoulder straps are padded so that you can carry the bag comfortably without getting sore on the shoulder.

6. Get a backpack that comes with lumbar support so that support is provided for your lower back and also to ensure that weight is distributed more evenly.

7. If this backpack you are about to buy is one you plan to use frequently on trips, you might want to pick one that comes with wheels so that you can simply pull it around rather than carry it on your back. This can be an easier and more comfortable way to handle a backpack and can help to prevent pains and sores.

Reviews of the Five Best Women’s Travel Backpack

1. The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack

This backpack is designed with a padded mesh back panel that comes with a spin channel designed especially to provide an ergonomic fit. It also provides a lumbar panel to provide sufficient support as well as provide enough ventilation.

The shoulder straps come with shoulder straps that have very flexible points of attachment and are designed to perfectly fit a woman of any size or shape. This bag will provide sufficient space for even your books and other items.

And there is an organizer with 2 fleece lined pockets, and there are spaces for your water bottle. It is also designed to carry and protect your laptop and comfortably so with its padded, fleece-lined laptop sleeve. This one is just the sleek and comfortable bag you need for your daily trips and other outdoor activities.

It can carry and protect your laptop
It provides lumbar support
It is padded for comfort
It has enough space
It is suitable for women of any size and shape

2. ECOSUSI Women Daypack Outdoor Sling Chest Bag

First of all, this bag is beautiful and stylish. It is designed with lightweight nylon fabric which also makes it water resistant as well as easy to clean. This bag also comes with a padded back that has an ergonomic design to ensure comfort. There also zippers at the front as well as at the back to hold smaller items like your phone and your keys.

Additionally, there is a space designed specially to hold and keep a tablet separate from other items. This bag is roomy, comfortable and just the stylish bag which you can choose to wear to the front or to the back with its single strap.

It is roomyIt may be a little too small for some trips like a trip to the gym
The bag is not heavy
It comes with a special tablet space
It is water resistant
It is easy to clean
It is padded to provide comfort
It is also very stylish

3. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Backpack

Here is a lightweight durable backpack, great for hiking as well as any other trip you might want to have. It is designed with water-resistant material as well as also designed to resist tear. This bag is also designed with breathable mesh and sufficient padding at the shoulder straps to provide comfort and prevent sores.

There are also just enough compartments in this bag to hold all your stuff comfortably. It also provides spaces at the sides designed especially for your water bottle(s). Apart from these, there are two separators to help you with keeping your things organized. Here is a roomy backpack that comes with just about everything you want in a backpack: space, organization and ultimate comfort.

It is lightweightIt is not suitable for carrying a laptop
It is padded to provide comfort
It is water resistant
It is tear resistant
It provides sufficient space
It is organized
It is durable


4. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

Swiss Gear is an extra roomy backpack designed also to comfortably carry your laptop. This bag is manufactured with durable ballistic polyester fabric to enable it last long for you. It is also water resistant and designed to serve you well even in adverse weather conditions.

This is another good bag that comes with sufficient space to hold all your things comfortably on your trip and to protect them from damage.

This bag comes with sufficient spaceIt is quite really big and so may not work for you if you want something really small and portable
It is durable
It is fit for even adverse weather conditions

5. Luckysmile Women Girls Casual Nylon Backpack Purse Travel Work College School Bag

As the name implies, whether you are going to work or school, this one is perfect for you. This pretty looking bag is an eco-friendly water-resistant bag manufactured with nylon material so you can comfortably use it in a rainy weather and not fear that your stuff will get soaked.

This bag is also a lightweight and durable bag that comes with good space to keep your things as well as outside pockets which can hold your water bottles comfortably.

It is beautifulIt is not a very big bag and so will not be able to hold too many things and is susceptible to breaking if you try to stuff it
It is water resistant
It is eco-friendly
It is durable
It is lightweight
It comes with enough space to hold quite a number of things



The above are among the Best Women’s Travel Backpack available for you to purchase for that trip or recreational activity you are planning. Whether you are going to school or work or just getting set to have fun, backpacks are a very great asset and we have just provided you with the best there are right here.

And we have them listed in the order in which we think they are great. The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack which has the highest rating is our winning pick on the list. But as always, every backpack on this list is a great choice that will serve you right and you should really not have reason to regret buying any. Just go through our list and you can pick which one suits you best.

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