Top 11 Must Have Travel Accessories

Travelling is all about having fun and to have stress free mind. But having the right gear and accessories for the travel is a must or else nothing will work out for you.

What is Travel Accessories?

Travel Accessories

Bags, gears and other necessary equipment that you need when you travel to different places. Travel accessories can be as small as noise cancellation headphone or be a rolling baggage for easy carry.

Why You Need The Best Travel Accessories?

You could have peace of mind and never face a problem. Any problem that arises you will have the solution for it. Be it a noise cancellation headphone to reduce noise from your loud neighbor or a GPS enabled the phone to help you find a way. These best accessories will help you give a good day trip if not the best.

Must Have Travel Accessories

Here we have the top 11 best travel accessories that you must have with you when you travel. And if you missed anyone, you will be face problem, must. So before go out, check these items carefully that all are in your suitcase or backpack.

1. Suitcase

Choose a sturdy Suitcase with wheels supported to help you carry you around. Be sure you have a TSA approved locks to go with. Choose a scratch resistant suitcase.

2. Backpack

All the items that you need frequently need to be placed in a backpack. Items like a water bottle, charger and others may be needed anytime and keeping a backpack to hold will be useful. Make sure you use a waterproof backpack with a lock to keep its content secure.

3. Packing Cubes

To keep everything organized in your suitcase, you might want some packing cubes. It helps you find stuff easily when looking for it.

4. Noise Cancellation Headphone

A headphone is a must to cure boredom while traveling. Be it on a plane or any other transport medium this will come handy.

5. Travel Adapter

Traveling to a different country or a different continent always carry a universal travel adapter to charge your electronic device. Be it a phone or a laptop.

6. External Power bank

You might not get to a power source, especially if you are venturing in remote areas. A power bank might save your day. Choose a power bank depending on what you need.

7. Leak-proof water bottle

Water is an important necessity. Carry a leak-proof water bottle filled with water.

8. Neck Pillow

If you have long hours to travel on plane or bus, then you must have this one. There are different types of a neck pillow, some even come with hoodies. Go for air neck pillows as they are easy to carry around.

9. Camera

An important part of the travel is to capture a memory by Photography. It is all about preference. You can go for a DSLR or a simple point a shoot to take your Photograph perfectly. Depending on your space you can go for any one of these.

10. Travel Umbrella

You never know when a rain will start. It’s better to have a portable umbrella with you so you could save your hood.

11. First Aid Kit

It’s better to keep emergency medicines like Band-Aid, medicine for common cold and stuff.


Travel accessories all about making your journey stress free and enjoyable. Always pack according to the place you are visiting and items that you need every day. Before leaving, check out details of the location: like the climatic condition which will help you take appropriate precautions and help you pick the right accessories for your travel.

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